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My name is Erin Schillo and I am a Cloth Diaper Consultant for Everything Birth! I help people sort through the miriad of cloth diaper options and help them chose which diaper(s) will work best for their family. I can help you with your online registry, host local diaper parties where you can touch and see the diapers first hand, and offer FREE personal consultations (in person and online). I have a wonderful husband, Greg, who is VERY supportive of our choice to cloth diaper. He LOVES the cost savings because he's an accountant! We have a daughter, Savanna, who was born on April 10, 2010 and a son on the way, due March 8, 2012.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


The winner of my Santa Baby Holiday Giveaway with over $175 in fluffy prizes is:

DANIELLE BURNS! Lucky entry #850!

I've sent you an email to the address you entered(c-----4@yahoo.com), Please respond by Tuesday morning at 10am to claim your prize!

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered and look for more contests from Diaper Parties by Erin in 2012!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fuzzibunz One-Size Elite's comparison shots to old style

Alot of people have been asking to see the difference in the old versus new style of the Fuzzibunz one-size, so I just took some pics for everyone.
Here are the differences (the ELITE Diaper is the blue diaper, the old style is the dreamsicle colored diaper)
1. The front panel is shaped differently, no more strange square tab sticking out and less snaps.

2. The elastic adjustments are in the INSIDE of the diaper instead of the outside so it doesn't touch baby's skin...

3. MINKY inserts instead of microfiber...more trim, more absorbant, less staining and less odor!

Fuzzibunz One Size Elite, works for us, but may not work for you!

We switched over our entire stash to these diapers when they came out, we love them. But, each diaper has it's pros and cons, which is why having diaper consultants like us is SUPER exciting. Elite's work for us, but they may not work for you! One thing I've been hearing lately is that the waist elastic doesn't adjust out far enough, and babies with very large bellies are getting red marks on their back on the largest setting starting at only 15lbs. I was shocked, my daughter is 26lbs and she doesn't get those red marks.
I got to thinking about how to solve this. There has to be a way. I came up with an idea of switching out the waist elastic with one of the spare LEG elastics. The leg elastics are longer than the waist, so you can adjust it out further!!

Keep in mind that each diaper is going to fit each baby different. If something doesn't work, the GREAT thing about cloth diapers is their ability to keep their value. You know what I did when Grovia's didn't fit our daughter anymore? Sold them for about 80% of what I bought them for.
Don't be scared to try something just because the diaper didn't work for a few people. Or better yet, if your LO is already here, contact a consultant and bring your baby with you. I had a consult yesterday with an adorable 3 month old girl. She got to actually try the diapers on her (over top her disposables) to see what fit best!!

Check out www.diaperparties.com to get in touch with a consultant!

Monday, December 12, 2011

28 weeks and off to the triage because of a NASTY stomach flu...argh...

I've been lucky with my pregnancy so far, up until about 2 weeks ago when I knew it was inevitable I'd be getting the stomach flu. First my husband got it, then my daughter, and last Thursday I finally ended up getting it. I'm already high risk as it is, my daughter was born 7 weeks early due to a uterine abnormality I have. I'm on day 5 of this horrible stomach virus, have dropped almost 6 pounds (when I've only gained 20 to begin with), can't keep much down, and my contractions have heightened to every 3-5 minutes because of this dehydration.

Off to the triage for this high-risk mama.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tag your Fluff

Has everyone seen these Tag your Fluff labels? What an AWESOME idea! They would be great to use at daycares! They can be used on all sorts of things, not just diapers. Pool season is over now, but when it rolls back around in 2012 this would be a great idea for swim diapers, wetbags, clothes, you name it!

•self-adhesive (peel & stick), waterproof, laundry safe & cloth diaper safe labels, specifically designed to withstand cloth diapering.
•96 total labels per sheet
•Dimensions: 1" x .5"
•Perfect solution to no sew or iron on labeling!
•Stick Around Labels are made with a revolutionary, adhesive, waterproof & washable material with a matte finish.
•Waterproof laundry safe labels that are designed specifically to withstand cloth diapering.
•Apply to any care tag on any garment.

Peel & stick to the garment care tag only. If your cloth diapers do not have any sort of care tag, you do NOT want to apply this to any part of the fabric as it could affect the waterproof material.

These labels have been tested in an every other day cloth diaper wash cycle for months of hot wash cycles, some dryer use, monthly vinegar rinse cycles, baking soda & borax use, as well as the recommended cloth diaper safe detergents (dye & perfume free).

Our labels are waterproof and laundry safe. Many childcare facilities require parents to label everything you bring with the child. Now you can label your cloth diapers too!

Other great uses for these labels include:
•clothing, hats & mittens, sports equipment, coats
•bathing suits & towels
•stuffed animals & blankets & more!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Contest starts NOW and ends at midnight on December 23, 2011.
Good luck!!!

It's almost time!

It's almost time to start my Santa Baby Holiday Giveaway! We've got over $175 worth of FABULOUS FLUFFY prizes for 1 lucky winner!!!!

Prizes include:
Tots Bots AIO Limited Edition Holiday print
Rockin Green Detergent
Changing Diapers by Kelly Wels
5 tubs CJ's BUTTer
Comic nursery letter from Molly & Gordon
Hair bow and clips from Twinkling Star Designs
Genius t-shirt provided by Toni the Chic Mamma!
Medela Tendercare Lanolin

Contest starts 12/2/2011 and ends at 11:59pm 12/23/2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Molly & Gordon, check 'em out!

One sponsor in my Santa Baby Giveaway is the talented Erin of Molly & Gordon.  She makes everything from custom wall art to comic book letters to wedding invitations. I have a beautiful wall birth annoucement for my daughter, Savanna. Check her out on FB and on Etsy as well!

Santa Baby Holiday Giveaway, starts this FRIDAY!

One more sponsor on board! THANK YOU Medela for donating Tendercare Lanolin for the Santa Baby Giveaway!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting together my Santa Baby Holiday Giveaway!

BOY do I have a serious prize pack for one lucky person! Here is what I've got so far, I have some more in the works and the final prize will be announced on Thursday of this week.

  • 1 bag Rockin Green Detergent, classic rock Motely Clean scent
  • Changing Diapers book by Kelly Wels
  • 4 tubs CJ's BUTTer in varied scents, sure to last your LO's bum for a long time!
  • One (1) Comic Book Letter by Molly & Gordon (letter and theme of your choice). These 9" chunky wooden letters are handmade to order, making each one unique. You are not limited to just comics...consider covering in text book pages or sheet music for a more sophisticated look.
  • Cotton Babies Genius T-Shirt provided by Toni the Chic Mamma


Welcome to my blog!

In the middle of the chaos of moving, renovating a house, having a 19 month old, and also in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy, I've decided to start a blog! Just because I don't already have enough on my plate :)

On this blog will be views and reviews on all kinds of cloth diapers and products and parenting related issues. I welcome all my FB fans to follow my blog journey with me!