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My name is Erin Schillo and I am a Cloth Diaper Consultant for Everything Birth! I help people sort through the miriad of cloth diaper options and help them chose which diaper(s) will work best for their family. I can help you with your online registry, host local diaper parties where you can touch and see the diapers first hand, and offer FREE personal consultations (in person and online). I have a wonderful husband, Greg, who is VERY supportive of our choice to cloth diaper. He LOVES the cost savings because he's an accountant! We have a daughter, Savanna, who was born on April 10, 2010 and a son on the way, due March 8, 2012.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Molly & Gordon, check 'em out!

One sponsor in my Santa Baby Giveaway is the talented Erin of Molly & Gordon.  She makes everything from custom wall art to comic book letters to wedding invitations. I have a beautiful wall birth annoucement for my daughter, Savanna. Check her out on FB and on Etsy as well!

Santa Baby Holiday Giveaway, starts this FRIDAY!

One more sponsor on board! THANK YOU Medela for donating Tendercare Lanolin for the Santa Baby Giveaway!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting together my Santa Baby Holiday Giveaway!

BOY do I have a serious prize pack for one lucky person! Here is what I've got so far, I have some more in the works and the final prize will be announced on Thursday of this week.

  • 1 bag Rockin Green Detergent, classic rock Motely Clean scent
  • Changing Diapers book by Kelly Wels
  • 4 tubs CJ's BUTTer in varied scents, sure to last your LO's bum for a long time!
  • One (1) Comic Book Letter by Molly & Gordon (letter and theme of your choice). These 9" chunky wooden letters are handmade to order, making each one unique. You are not limited to just comics...consider covering in text book pages or sheet music for a more sophisticated look.
  • Cotton Babies Genius T-Shirt provided by Toni the Chic Mamma


Welcome to my blog!

In the middle of the chaos of moving, renovating a house, having a 19 month old, and also in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy, I've decided to start a blog! Just because I don't already have enough on my plate :)

On this blog will be views and reviews on all kinds of cloth diapers and products and parenting related issues. I welcome all my FB fans to follow my blog journey with me!